Holy Cross College Ryde

"Exceptional 35% increase in year 7 enrolments for two consecutive years".

Challenge: Current advertising and communication was not engaging with target market to increase enrolments.

Our client: A Catholic boys high school.

The brief: To increase year 7 enrolments and engage with feeder school parents. To recommend more effective strategies to engage and identify key messages to communicate.

What did Marketingheads do? We conducted qualitative market research with feeder school parents and other influencers including year 7 and 12 parents from our client's school. We identified what feeder school parents wanted for their sons education in high school, developed an understanding of what existing parent perceptions were of the school and what changes had occured over recent years.

The knowledge gained allowed us to strategically develop key messages to be communicated and strategies to strengthen and develop the Holy Cross brand and its brand values around specific values parents wanted. This was developed into a cohesive communications campaign across a range of tactical elements to more effectively communicate our client's values. This was planned so it affected all core communication elements produced by the school. We provided direction for key image development.

Development of tactical promotional elements followed and incorporated key messaging values.

What did we achieve? We increased enrolments more than 35% year on year for 2 consecutive years. What the Principal said?

"Subsequent to our work with Marketingheads, Holy Cross College experienced considerable student growth, with a more than 35 percent increase in year 7 enrolments for two consecutive years." Adam Taylor, Principal.

How did our client benefit? We changed market perceptions about the school to those that are positive.

"We believe that there has been a perceptible change in community perceptions about Holy Cross College and the promotion materials developed in conjunction with Marketingheads have been a part of this success story of getting the good news out to the community". Adam Taylor, Principal