Evolution of e-by-cms

Our client's challenge to us was: develop a new image and corporate identity for e-by-cms and do it by the end of the week if you can!

To expedite the process we acted very quickly to review competitors' brands and to develop a thorough understanding from customers and non-customers as to what they valued from software companies. This also led into customer service standards and what they thought was important.

Research: What we discovered was that customers operate in a dynamic environment and that software suppliers needed to provide solutions capable of adapting to their changing needs.

Because we did the strategic work the new name, tagline and image came together relatively quickly. The creative brief effectively communicated to the creative what image was needed. So often we hear of companies that don't take the time to do the strategic work and then spend enormous amounts of time and resources trying to work out which is the best image, the real problem is that they don't know what the market thinks is important, so it all comes down to which colour or image.

The strategy: develop an image and name that conveyed changing needs or the ability to respond to change. The new name we recommended was Evolution Software Services. The tagline was "solutions for changing needs".

Creatively we used a vignette through colour to represent change.

The verdict from staff and customers is very positive. Importantly they agree with the name concept and tagline.

Yarro Bailey, a Director of Evolution said: "We chose Marketingheads because they had a defined process or approach. The other companies were all going to do the creative without any real strategic work. Our Directors were more confident of the outcome with John's approach than with that of the other companies."