Jamieson Foley Consulting Forensic Engineers

Our client: An expert witness organisation operating in the forensic engineering market.

What was the brief? We need to increase our presence in both defendant and plaintiff markets.

What did Marketingheads do? We spoke to clients and non-clients to find out what was important to them. This allowed us to strategically reposition the business and develop a brand and brand values. This was developed into a powerful selling brochure and a targeted small print advertising campaign.

We have gained respect through our Reputation...

How did we do this? Firstly we identified what legal and insurance clients' value and what benefits they require.


We then set about creatively developing a corporate communications strategy to effectively communicate our client's value. Utilising animals creatively we were able to say the things we wanted to communicate but couldn't in words alone. We could not come across as arrogant.

We also created a new brand CrashTrackTM.

CrashTrackTM is a unique database


containing crash report information including qualitative, quantitative and expert opinion.

What did we achieve?

Excellent initial client feedback and a measurable communications strategy. A professional image that clients understand and relate to. New defendant and plaintiff customers.

How did our client benefit?

The animal images effectively differentiate our client with the credentials most desired. It permitted us to effectively communicate a powerful value proposition to clients.

CrashTrackTM differentiates our client as an innovator and as the organisation with more to offer.

CrashTrackTM now provides a means by which intellectual capital held by the owner and staff becomes inherent in a brand, which can be sold one day.

CrashTrackTM will become the new standard reference for expert reports.

But most of all we have gained respect through our Experience.

Client claims: "25% increase in new business per week."

We would like to thank Jamieson Foley and their directors for giving us permission to publish this case study.